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Optimize your Microsoft 365 apps investment with Admin Center

Optimize your Microsoft 365 apps investment with Admin Center

Ensuring optimal user experience and robust cybersecurity demands a skilled IT administrator. Their responsibilities encompass workflow supervision, secure device management, and up-to-date software upkeep. The shift to remote and hybrid work models has amplified these challenges. To address this, Microsoft has unveiled new features within the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center, specifically designed to empower IT administrators with increased efficiency and enhanced security capabilities.

OneDrive sync health

The OneDrive sync health feature streamlines data integrity management for IT administrators. They can now leverage the centralized OneDrive sync health dashboard to efficiently monitor sync statuses, identify potential errors, and generate custom reports tailored to specific administrative needs. The dashboard offers customizable analytics, ranging from executive summaries to device-level sync details. This actionable intelligence empowers IT teams to swiftly resolve any sync issues and ensure continuous data accessibility.

Intelligent insights

The Microsoft 365 Apps admin center leverages intelligent insights, including Apps Inventory, Add-In Inventory, and Security Currency, to empower IT administrators with strategic issue identification and mitigation capabilities. These powerful tools unveil a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s Microsoft 365 environment. Administrators gain granular visibility into critical details such as:

  • Which devices are running Office apps and the specific versions installed
  • Insights into installed and active add-ins across the organization
  • Identification of devices operating on outdated or unsupported servicing channels

Equipped with this actionable intelligence, IT teams can proactively manage Microsoft 365 deployments, ensuring optimal security, compliance, and user experience. They can readily identify and remediate outdated Office versions and add-ins, minimizing potential security vulnerabilities and compliance risks.

Servicing automation tools

The new servicing profile feature within the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center revolutionizes update management, eliminating manual processes and accelerating the delivery of critical security patches and application updates. This innovative solution empowers IT administrators to automate monthly updates for targeted user groups or devices with a single servicing profile configuration.

Update rollback options

The Microsoft 365 Apps admin center empowers IT administrators with enhanced rollback capabilities for organizations leveraging Servicing Profiles. This functionality facilitates the reversion of individual devices to a previous Monthly Enterprise Channel version, should users encounter unexpected issues with the latest update. For example, if a critical Outlook update disrupts employee workflows, your IT team can seamlessly revert Outlook to the prior stable version, minimizing downtime.

Microsoft 365 Apps health

The Microsoft 365 Apps health dashboard provides a holistic view of your organization’s application environment, leveraging a comprehensive scoring system based on three key performance indicators: app reliability, performance, and adherence to supported versions. This valuable tool delves deeper, offering insights such as Office app session crash rates and user-reported instances of these crashes. This actionable intelligence empowers IT administrators to pinpoint potential issues with greater precision and assess the overall effectiveness of Microsoft 365 deployments, both during and between updates.

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